Trauma Recovery

This special emphasis area will focus on the therapy process of healing from a traumatic experience. Common presenting clinical issues include direct contact with clients who have experienced a relational pattern in which trust was broken or survived a trauma such as a distressing break-up, emotional/verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse/assault, stalking, or have been taken advantage of sexually. An intern successfully completing this experience will gain trauma recovery experience in both an individual and group therapy format, and will also become familiar with selected readings, theories, and research on the process of trauma recovery.

Trauma Recovery Requirements

  • Maintain at least two trauma recovery individual clients throughout the semester with consultation provided by the emphasis supervisor.
  • Co-lead a trauma recovery group with the trauma recovery supervisor in addition to another type of group.
  • Complete and discuss reading assignments with the trauma recovery supervisor.
  • Discuss how to practice self care and self preservation during trauma work through readings and personal reflection.

At a minimum, the intern will meet individually with the area supervisor on a bi-weekly basis to discuss issues related to the Special Emphasis Area.

Area Supervisor: