This Special Emphasis Area focuses on the art and science of clinical supervision. The intern will work closely with the Training Director, being involved in a variety of supervisory responsibilities. This area is designed to offer additional experience for interns with strong interest in being involved in training activities professionally. An intern successfully completing this experience will be knowledgeable about a variety of supervision approaches, will have experience teaching and supervising master’s and doctoral level students, and will be well-prepared to contribute to training activities in a university counseling center setting.

Supervision Requirements:

  • Co-instructing a masters level practicum class
  • Participation on the Training Committee
  • Completing reading assignments and discussing text with the Training Director
  • Presentation in a practicum class about a clinical issue or technique

At a minimum, the intern will meet individually with the area supervisor on a monthly basis to discuss issues related to the Special Emphasis Area.

Area Supervisor:  Sasha Ruane-Borges-Ho, MA, PsyD, LP