Sport Psychology Service

This Special Emphasis Area is designed to intentionally immerse the intern in the research, assessment, and application that is Sport Psychology. The intern will: (1) gain understanding of the early and recent literature in the field, (2) gain awareness and competency of the various assessment tools available to the sport psychologist, (3) increase competency and confidence in applying performance enhancement techniques with individual athletes and teams, (4) create networks with ISU coaches and sport psychologists from various institutions, and (5) create numerous specific sport psychology presentations. The forms of this endeavor will include study, consultation, assessment, counseling & intervention, presentation, and writing. An intern completing this emphasis will possess greater knowledge and clarity of sport psychology and performance enhancement, the ability to work more effectively with athletes, and the awareness of his/her desire whether to pursue this area further for deeper expertise.

Area Requirements

  • Research and review the most significant (1) Sport Psychology/ Performance Enhancement literature from (a) the past 14 years, (b) the 1990’s, and (c) pre 1990’s and (2) Sport Psychology services at other colleges and universities.
  • Meet with the Sport Psychology coordinator and team (when applicable) throughout the semester to assess the immediate, on-going, and future sport psychology needs of the athletes, coaches, administration, and SCS.
  • Conduct performance enhancement interventions via consultations/assessments/counseling with athletes, coaches, and athletic dept. personnel (athletic counselors/advisors, trainers & medical) (1) here at SCS, (2) at Hixson-Lied, (3) at the Athletic Department offices, and/or (4) at the various athletic practice and game venues
  • In concert with the Sport Psychology team, liaison with the Athletic Department and specific ISU teams
  • Develop Outreach Presentations that can serve for team interventions, SCS staff training, and potential publication material.

At a minimum, the intern will meet individually with the area supervisor on a weekly basis early in the semester to discuss SCS and ISU sport psychology needs, as well as the intern’s desires and motivations.

Area Supervisor: TBD