Mind-Body Services

SCS offers a range of mind-body and biofeedback services to ISU students, including self-guided biofeedback training, biofeedback coaching, biofeedback therapy, mindfulness-based group therapy, and a mindfulness meditation class. An intern in the Mind-Body Services special emphasis can choose among these areas to tailor their experience to their interests and training needs. Thus, an intern could choose to focus on mindfulness, biofeedback, or a combination. In most cases, the special emphasis would involve receiving training and supervision, and providing direct service in biofeedback and/or mindfulness-based therapy.

Depending on an intern’s prior training and experience with mindfulness and/or biofeedback, training and direct service experiences during the semester could include:

Mindfulness Track

  • Readings, training, and supervision in mindfulness-based therapy
  • Observing a mindfulness-based therapy group
  • Co-facilitating a mindfulness-based therapy group
  • Leading or co-leading a mindfulness meditation class at Rec Services
  • Developing and providing a new mindfulness-based service (e.g., mindful eating class)

Biofeedback Track

  • Readings, training, and supervision in biofeedback services
  • Training on starting and developing a biofeedback program in a counseling center
  • Providing biofeedback coaching and/or biofeedback therapy under supervision
  • Literature review in special topics within biofeedback (e.g., sports psychology, trauma)

Through discussion with the area supervisor, training goals and a plan would be developed by the intern to specify how their time would be distributed in this special emphasis.

Area Supervisor: Barbara Cheatle, MSW, LISW