Group Therapy

The special emphasis in group therapy will focus on the following areas:

  • Increasing knowledge of group theory and practice: Through reading selected chapters and articles, trainees will become familiar with various theories in group therapy (e.g., interpersonal, modern analytic, existential, cognitive-behavioral) and development (e.g., formation, initial, transition, working) and the different types of interventions within these theories (e.g., bridging, contracting, interpersonal feedback, working with resistance). Trainees will also become familiar with the research that supports group therapy and understand the distinct advantages of group therapy compared with other types of treatment.
  • Experience establishing, facilitating and maintaining a therapy group: In addition to regular intern group requirements, trainees will have the opportunity to co-facilitate with staff and to establish their own therapy groups. Trainees will learn to conduct effective group screenings, select members for group, “sell” group to students and colleagues, and facilitate effective counseling groups with the university population.

At a minimum, the intern will meet individually with the area supervisor on a monthly basis to discuss issues related to the Special Emphasis Area.

Area Supervisor: Chris Wilson, Psy.D.