Career Services

Supervision and Training of Career GAs and/or Career Coaches
The focus of this portion of the area is to gain skill in clinical supervision of career counselors and career coaches. The intern will work with the Director of Career Exploration Services to provide supervision of supervision to Career GAs who supervise the career coaches, or group supervision and training to the undergraduate career coaches.

Delivery of Career Counseling Services
This portion of the emphasis area will focus on working with clients presenting with career issues. For interns choosing this component of the special emphasis area, a portion of their caseload would be devoted to career counseling, and will be assigned career clients with complicated presentations (e.g., comorbid diagnoses).

Delivery of Career Outreach
Interns choosing this emphasis area will be responsible for presenting outreach programming to the ISU community on a variety of career issues.  These outreach presentations might be for classes, clubs, residence halls, or Greek houses.  Additionally, groups come to the Career Exploration Center for tours and activities to familiarize them with the career resources at SCS.  Interns will also be involved in the ongoing refinement of existing outreach programming, as well as development of new programming.

At a minimum, the intern will meet individually with the area supervisor on a weekly basis to discuss issues related to the Special Emphasis Area.

Area Supervisor: TBD