The Special Emphasis Area in administration will focus on the following:

Administration of a Counseling Center

The focus of this part of the area is to give an intern an understanding the function of the Director of a large university counseling center. The intern will have an opportunity to work closely with the Director and Associate Director on setting up an agency budget, developing policies and procedures, organizational structure, motivating staff, increasing staff morale, university and center politics, using diplomacy and tact, and developing proposals to raise funds. The intern will have an opportunity to accompany the Director and/or Associate Director to several university meetings.

Administration of Counseling Center Clinical Services

The focus of this part of the area is to gain an understanding of how clinical services are directed in a counseling center. The intern will work with the Associate Director and Clinical Director in setting policy and procedures, developing forms, coordinating case review, and setting staff schedules. The intern will attend Clinical Services Committee and other committee meetings as available.

Specific topics to be covered during the semester include the following:

1 Director

Introduction to Counseling Center Administration

  • General overview of what’s involved in counseling center administration
  • How to become an administrator
  • Exploring different administrative roles
  • Concentration leaders share their personal experiences
2 Clinical Director

Tasks of a Clinical Director- Overview

  • Monitoring client usage and tx availability
  • Monitoring disposition and referral decisions
  • Leadership of clinical policy development
  • Collecting clinical usage data
3 Director

Setting up the Organization

  • The organizational chart
  • Management team concept
  • Types of organizational problems and how to handle them
4 Clinical Director

Clinical Policies and Procedures

  • Policy Manuals
  • Use of Clinical Committee
  • Input and Communication with Admin and All Staff
5 Assoc Director

Becoming an Effective Administrator

  • Developing a team concept
  • Explore a conflict management model
  • Performance evaluation
  • Types of organizational problems and how to handle them
6 Director

Principles for Interim Roles

  • Applying an organizational development model to any situation
  • Building credibility
7 Clinical Director

Clinical Record Keeping

  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Structure of PHI notes
  • Disclosure of Information
  • Database issues
8 Director

Developing a Budget

  • The structure of budgets
  • Setting up a budget tracking system
  • Doing budget projections

Navigating Political Waters

  • The relationship with a direct supervisor
  • Networking
  • How to influence without losing your job or integrity
10 Associate Director

Accountability Issues

  • Outcome Data
  • Clarity of the Mission
  • Annual Reports to Various Constituents
Additional Possibilities

SCS Administrative Projects and Experiences

  • Getting experience by helping out with current projects (e.g. search committee)
  • Attending relevant leadership meetings (e.g., VPSA Cabinet, CIRT, EAP Advisory Committee, SCS Testing)

At a minimum, the intern will meet individually with the area supervisor on a monthly basis to discuss issues related to the Special Emphasis Area.

Area Supervisor: TBD