Welcome to Student Counseling Service Professional Training

Our Commitment

We, the staff of the Student Counseling Service of Iowa State University, believe that training professional psychologists is one of the most important activities we perform. We recognize that the process of training creates an essential vitality in our agency, yet training is secondary to our primary mission of providing counseling services to ISU students. Senior staff and doctoral interns provide supervision and training appropriate to our specialties and experience. We commit a great deal of time and emotional energy to provide the highest quality training we can.

Our general staff orientation reflects the philosophy of counseling psychology, which is characterized by a developmental perspective and a proactive approach to counseling concerns. The philosophy of the training program is based on two interrelated emphases: the integration of skills from diverse approaches to psychotherapy and the development of a therapeutic style that fits with your own personality, training, and experience.

To achieve an effective balance of support and challenge, we offer a broad range of supervision and training experiences to fit developing counselors’ needs. In return, we expect trainees to assume an attitude of service and professional responsibility with your clients and colleagues.