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The Mind/Body Spa has three main types of activities for you to choose from. These include: relaxation and stress reduction, healing and self reflection, and mindfulness. Each activity is typically 15-20 minutes. To access these downloads, follow these instructions:

1. Choose the specific activity you would like to use.
2. Left click to listen instantly. Right click, “Save Target As” and save either to desktop or directly to a media player.
3. Enjoy!

In the unlikely event you experience discomfort during these activities, please contact SCS staff (515-294-5056).

Guided Imagery and Relaxation Exercises

Guided Relaxation Activities: Mentally follow along as you listen to guided scripts for the purpose of relaxation. Use the power of visualization and imagery to reduce stress in your life. After listening to these exercises, remember what made you feel relaxed and use these techniques on a daily bases for best results.

The Ocean

Engage in a relaxation exercise and visual imagery, that will take you on a short vacation to the ocean. You will be guided to leave your worries behind and relax completely.

Protective Light

Enjoy healing and relaxation by visualizing a protective and powerful light all around you. You will be guided to diminish all your stress, emotional pain, and concerns. This is best to use after an emotional or distressing day.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

You will be guided to tighten and relax your muscle groups to induce a state of relaxation. This can help with sleep, anxiety, or general stress.

Breath Work

Learn how to use your breath to control your anxiety and stress responses.

Healing and Self-Reflection

Guided Healing and Self Reflection Activities: These exercises allow you to engage in self reflection and create healing in your life. Completing these activities will help you to foster insight, feel more confident, and reduce stress. They also serve to induce relaxation through their meditative properties.

Loving/Kindness Meditation

Cultivate compassion for yourself and others through this loving/kindness activity. When you acknowledge and actively work on seeing yourself and others with compassion, you will bring more peace into your life. This meditation can reduce depression, anxiety, and anger by allowing you to practice altering negative beliefs to positive thoughts and images.

Inner Guide Meditation

An inner guide meditation taps into the part of yourself that knows what is best for you. We often worry about making the “right” life decisions or wonder how to overcome obstacles. However, worry and stress often block our creativity and insight. This guided visualization will allow you to ask your inner guide questions in a relaxed format to obtain insight and answers.

Tapping into the Unconscious

This activity brings you into a deep state of relaxation and guides you to become more in touch with your unconscious self. This process has a natural tendency to help you feel centered and obtain insight. You will become more in control of your thoughts and feelings by being united with your unconscious mind.

Mindfulness Activities

Mindfulness Activities: Mindfulness is a technique that allows you to regulate your state of mind and to create health and harmony. Mindfulness is about being aware of and open to the present moment. Practicing mindfulness can alleviate depression, anxiety, and other problems.

Mindfulness Meditation

This short exercise teaches basic mindfulness principles that you can use throughout your day to help you live life in the present moment.

Body Scan (this is a 35 minute guided meditation)

Use mindfulness techniques to train your focus and acceptance towards your body and any sensations that may arise. In case of pain and muscle tension, it is believed that being mindful of sensations is highly effective. This activity is a great way to practice mindfulness and relax your body.

Grounding & Meditation for Women of Color

Adelina Tancioco, founder of Surrendered Healing leads a 10-minute 3-step guided meditation to help calm stresses during the pandemic.

The March Toward Justice Requires Rest

Relentless grinding will eventually wear you out. Be strategic, but take a nap.

Coming Back to Breath

Alexis Pauline Gumbs leads  2-minute meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation for Oppressive Experiences

Adapted from original by Sharon Salzberg

Mindful Eating

Eating mindfully can help you discover a far more satisfying relationship to food and eating. The first time you try this have a small piece of food such as a raisin, grape, peanut, or orange slice with which to practice.

Instrumental Music used with permission by Mark Watson @ angelearthmusic.com
© Developed and recorded by Student Counseling Staff 2011

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