What to Expect When Using Biofeedback

Biofeedback Orientation

A biofeedback orientation can be completed by walking into SCS during business hours and completing a video-based orientation. When you arrive at SCS, you will sign a brief form regarding biofeedback services, receive the biofeedback equipment, and directed to a room to watch the 10 minute orientation video. After completing the orientation video you can stay in the biofeedback room and continue to try out the programs.

Self-Guided Biofeedback Training

Once you have attended an orientation, you can come in to continue using biofeedback services during SCS business hours (typically Monday-Friday 8 am – 5 pm). You simply check-in at the front desk to receive the biofeedback equipment and then go to the biofeedback room to practice.

You will access our suite of interactive biofeedback training programs, which includes several programs that address various aspects of biofeedback and stress management. Through use of these programs, you will practice breathing and mindfulness techniques to improve focus, discover a sense of calm, and clear your mind of worries and distractions. The iPad programs will act as your personal coach and will provide you with “feedback” on your progress of calming your mind and body.

Over time and with practice, you will learn how to consciously monitor, regulate, and change your body’s responses. Each biofeedback session is your gift to yourself to relax!

Most students come in once a week for one hour or twice a week for thirty minutes. Students report noticeable changes in themselves after one session, and experience long-lasting change in about 8 sessions.


Interactive Biofeedback Programs

Relaxing Rhythms is an interactive, 15-step relaxation program designed to help you increase you overall sense of well-being by reducing stress, increasing mental focus, and improving overall health. Based on the proven scientific principles of biofeedback, and featuring expert guidance from leaders in the field of health and wellness, Healing Rhythms gives you hands-on training in relaxation practices such as breathing, meditation and guided imagery.

Relaxing Rhythms 2 is a 10-step program containing guided meditations and interactive events. Each step contains an introduction; a guided meditation from well-known mentors, including Shinzen Young, Thich Nhat Hanh, Adyashanti, Rick Hanson, Pema Chodron and Jon Kabat-Zinn; and an interactive event where you use your breath to control your emotions and conquer different challenges.

Body Scan Meditation – Select your preferred avatar, scenery, music and length of time and be guided through an immersive body scan meditation by Zen Master Nissim Amon. Your goal is to fill the Buddha with a deep, dark blue!

Escapes – Enjoy 12 peaceful and engaging biofeedback events to promote your mind-body connection and increase your relaxation. Choose “Heartscapes” to pick a relaxing landscape to breathe along with, or play the games listed underneath “The Classics” to try a variety of ways to test your Biofeedback skills!

Mindfulness Meditation – This nine-step guided meditation program features the work of Tara Brach, Ph.D., and focuses on mindfulness. As you progress through each step you’ll find yourself achieving greater self-awareness and developing a deeper sense of calm.

Villa Serena – Villa Serena was once a stunningly beautiful and peaceful retreat where visitors could relax, refresh and recover from the worries and stresses of everyday life. However, just like our own minds, over the years what made it peaceful and serene has been neglected and forgotten, and it has fallen into a state of disrepair. Restore Villa Serena and restore your peace of mind.

Zen Journey – Immerse yourself in the teachings of Zen Master Nissim Amon as you learn the history of the Buddha and take part in interactive guided meditations with real-time feedback. As you progress through the five levels, you will not only gain valuable insight, but you will also reach the ultimate goal of obtaining your Black Robe.

Five Elements – The stresses of daily life can shift our mind and body out of alignment. There is, however, a way to fix this imbalance, by harnessing the power of the Five Elements! The Five Elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether) make up everything. They’re designed to be harmonious, within us and throughout the universe. Using breathing and relaxation techniques, we’ll guide you on a journey through the Five Elements, giving you the opportunity to balance them in this world and, in turn, within yourself.