Telecounseling Services

Iowa State University Student Counseling Services provides free Virtual and In-person counseling services. An alternative option for free telecounseling services is offered through Iowa State’s partnership with Virtual Care Group.

This includes:

  • Ongoing Individual therapy with the same provider
  • On demand crisis counseling
  • FREE, no cost to students
  • 24/7 access, 365 day per year
  • Service offers a broad range of counselors for those looking for a certain background or identity
  • All services available to students participating in National Student Exchange or internships
  • Crisis services available for students studying abroad
  • Services also available to students anywhere in the US during breaks

Ready to get started?

It’s quick and easy to enroll and you can access through web or mobile app.

Once you’re enrolled, call Virtual Care Group at 1-888-507-3071 to complete a brief consultation and get scheduled for a therapy appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I call to schedule an appointment?

When you call Virtual Care Group to schedule an appointment, you will be asked if you are in crisis. If you answer “yes,” you will be directed to a counselor. If you answer “no,” you will complete a 5-10 minute consultation to collect necessary information to get you scheduled for an telecounseling appointment. Depending on availability, you will either be scheduled for an appointment during the call or informed that you will be contacted in 2-3 days to get schedule.  

How will I meet with my counselor for sessions?

Virtual Care Group offers telecounseling sessions via phone or video. During your initial consultation phone call, you can indicate your preference for phone or video sessions. If you select phone appointments, the counselor will call you at the scheduled time. If you select video, the counselor will email you in advance with a HIPAA-secure video meeting link.  

What do I do if I am need of immediate support?

Students can access a counselor 24/7/365 by calling 855-522-1226 to get support in the moment.

What if I want to see a counselor during break, but will not be in Iowa?

Students have access to individual counseling services with Virtual Care Group from anywhere in the U.S. When you call to complete your initial consultation, indicate the state you will be located in during break so that you can be scheduled to meet with a provider licensed in that area.

Can I make requests for the type of provider I meet with?

Absolutely. If you would like to work with a provider that holds a certain identity, speaks a certain language, or works with a specific presenting concern, share that during your initial consultation phone call. It may take a bit longer to get scheduled for a session based on the specific requests and availability of counselors.

What if I need assistance and I’m out of the country?

The Virtual Care Group can be used if you are in a crisis situation. While this is a great resource, they can only assist if there is a crisis situation due to regulations and they will not have access to care resources outside of the United States.


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