Telecounseling Services

Student Health and Wellness is excited to announce expanded mental health services for students through a new telecounseling partnership with The Virtual Care Group.

In addition to the services provided at Student Counseling Services, Iowa State University (ISU) is providing FREE telecounseling services for ALL students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional students).

This includes:

  • Individual therapy and on demand crisis counseling
  • FREE, no cost to students
  • 24/7 access, 365 day per year
  • Service offers a broad range of counselors for those looking for a certain background or identity
  • All services available to students participating in National Student Exchange or internships
  • Crisis services available for students studying abroad

Ready to get started?

It’s quick and easy to enroll and you can access through web or mobile app.


Feel free to download and use these resources.

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Questions or trouble enrolling? Please email