Group and Workshop Offerings

Learn more about the groups offered by SCS this Spring, along with days and times groups are offered.


UNDERSTANDING SELF AND OTHERS GROUP: General process oriented groups for students dealing with a variety of concerns (depression, anxiety, stress, relationship struggles, etc). Members explore patterns of how they relate to themselves and others to help change current behaviors and develop greater insight and acceptance. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays 1-2:30 and Tuesdays, Thursdays 3-4:30 pm

UNDERSTANDING SELF AND OTHERS GROUP-Anxiety Theme:  This group will be similar to the description of the Understanding Self and Others group, with a specific focus on anxiety. Mondays 3-4:30 pm

UNDERSTANDING SELF AND OTHERS GROUP-Graduate and Non-Traditional Students:  This group will be similar to the description of the Understanding Self and Others group, but specifically for graduate and non-traditional students. Wednesdays 3-4:30 pm

WHEN LIFE HURTS: NAVIGATING TURBULENT WATERS: This group will focus on rebuilding our lives after a painful event turns our world upside down.  Approaches to rebuilding one’s life, and methods for learning to live a rich, meaningful life despite the turbulent waters will be shared. Losses come in all forms including, but are not limited to, loss of friendships, failing grades, relationship break-ups, chronic pain, death of loved ones, and loss of physical health. There is no “right” way to cope with loss, grief, and crisis. This group will provide strategies and tools to help us face the emotional storms of loss, as well as opportunity to process how to rebuild our lives, and transcend hard times and painful events. Wednesdays 1-2:30 pm

ACT Group: The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Group is for students who want to encounter depression and anxiety differently as well as pursue a full and meaningful life. ACT helps people relate differently to their anxious feelings, depressed moods, worrying mind, self-defeating behaviors and/or anything causing problems. Members explore patterns how they related to themselves and others to help change current behaviors and develop greater insight and acceptance. Thursdays 3-4:30 pm

BIPOC GROUP: This group is for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) to openly engage in dialogues related to what it means to be BIPOC on a predominantly white campus. The group will be a mixture of both support as well as process and will additionally address general mental health concerns (relationships, depression, anxiety, etc.). Thursdays 1-2:30 pm

DIALECTICAL BEHAVIOR THERAPY FOR EATING DISORDERS GROUP: Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Eating Disorders (DBT for EDs) is a semester-long skill-based group for students experiencing a range of body image, disordered eating, or eating disorder concerns. This group comprises five modules: Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, and Openness/Flexibility. DBT skills help students who wish to improve their ability to regulate emotions, tolerate distress, be mindful and present in the given moment, communicate and interact effectively with others, and become more open and flexible to new experiences. All of which are useful in healing your relationship with food and body.  Tuesdays 1-2:30 pm


MOTIVATION & PROCRASTINATION: Three-week, skills workshop in which students will learn to identify factors that contribute to procrastination and low motivation as well as strategies to effectively address these challenges. Mondays 3-4:00 pm

RESET AND THRIVE: Three-week, skills workshop that provides education and application on coping skills to reset and thrive. The series provides a basic understanding of coping skills to utilize in managing stress, adversity, and fostering growth. Topics include self-compassion, motivation, and resilience. Tuesdays 3-4:00 pm

CREATE YOUR OWN CALM: Three-week, skill-based workshop focused on developing strategies for addressing anxiety, excessive worry, and feeling overwhelmed. Wednesdays 3-4:00 pm (Virtual)

MOOD MANAGEMENT: Three-week, skills workshop to help increase understanding of emotions and develop strategies to help cope when emotions become distressing and hard to tolerate. The goal is to provide skills to recognize and manage symptoms. Fridays 11 am – 12 pm