Career Coaching

What Is Career Coaching?

Our Career Coaching program is designed to be a flexible, informal option for students wanting one-on-one guidance through the career development process.  No matter where you are in the career exploration process, our Career Coaches are extensively trained to assist you!

Career Coaching is also a great first step if you’re unsure about which services might be most helpful to you. At any time, the Career Coaches can help you decide whether seeking Individual Career Counseling might be a more helpful service.

How Do I Get Started with Career Coaching?

Email and request a session. A CES staff member will e-mail the intake form for you to complete, and an appointment will be scheduled within 3-5 workdays after we received the information. (CES is not open over the summer, or during breaks)

What Can I Expect?

You’ll meet one-on-one with a Career Coach and start by providing some information about who you are and what you want to get out of career coaching. Since this program is designed to be a flexible, informal service, your experience with a Career Coach will be up to you. You can work independently on the CES computers and/or receive one-on-one coaching from a Career Coach, depending on your personal career development needs. No appointments are necessary for Career Coaching and you are welcome to stop into CES at any time to continue working on your career plan.