Welcome to Career Exploration Services

Mission Statement

Career Exploration Services (CES) is a part of Student Counseling Service and it is dedicated to promoting the academic and personal well-being of Iowa State University students.  The primary mission of the staff of Career Exploration Services is to engage students as active participants in the career exploration process in order to improve decision-making skills and self-efficacy for making career choices.  More specifically, our aim is to help ISU students:

  • Learn more about themselves through the exploration of their interests, values, skills, personality, and cultural identity
  • Learn more about the world of work
  • Identify majors and careers that would provide the best fit

Overview of Services

CES offers a variety of services that can assist you in developing your personal career plan.  We take a personalized approach based on your career planning needs and where you are in the career development process.  Career Exploration Services offer a variety of services, including:

  • Career Coaching to help students utilize resources in the Career Library and provide basic consultation for online career assessments
  • Career Counseling, which is a more comprehensive service than Career Coaching and involves scheduled individual meetings with counselors trained in both career development and counseling. In addition to individual career counseling, we offer Career Workshops, and a Career-focused therapy group.
  • Career Library with online and print resources to facilitate the career exploration process
  • Career-Related Presentations for ISU classes and student organizations