Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk Location and Hours

  • Day/time: Tuesdays  11am – 1pm and Thursdays 3-5pm
  • Location: In-person or Virtually
    • In-person: Memorial Union Multicultural Center Reflection Room
    • Virtually:  Please read all of the information below regarding services and click on the link at the bottom of the page to join a virtual session

What is Let’s Talk?

Let’s Talk provides a confidential space for brief consultation, problem solving, and support with staff members from Iowa State University’s Student Counseling Services (SCS). The service is free for all students. Let’s Talk appointments are first-come, first-served. This service is reserved only for current Iowa State University students.

What happens during a visit to Let’s Talk?

The staff member will listen closely to your concerns and provide support, perspective, and suggestions for resources. Let’s Talk consultations are between 15-20 minutes. You will be asked to fill out a brief informed consent by the staff who are hosting Let’s Talk.

Who should visit Let’s Talk?

This service is open to all Iowa State University undergraduate and graduate students. “Let’s Talk” is the best fit for the following people:

  • Students who are not sure about counseling and wonder what it’s like to talk with a counselor
  • Students who are not interested in ongoing counseling but would like the perspective of a Let’s Talk staff member
  • Students who have a specific problem and would like someone with whom to talk it through
  • Students who have a concern about a friend and want some thoughts about what to do

What else do I need to know?

Although Let’s Talk staff members are professionals, Let’s Talk is not a substitute for psychotherapy or formal counseling and does not constitute mental health treatment. Let’s Talk staff members provide informal consultations to help students with specific problems and to introduce them to what it’s like to speak with a counselor. Your Let’s Talk staff member can help you determine whether formal counseling at SCS would be useful for you and, if appropriate, assist you in scheduling an appointment.

How do I get started?

To participate in virtual Let’s Talk services, click here.

To participate in an in-person session, stop by the Multicultural Reflection Room in the Memorial Union on Tuesdays 11am-1pm and Thursdays 3-5pm.

As a reminder, Let’s Talk is first come, first served. If there is a student already attending a Let’s Talk session you may have a brief wait before your session starts. 

Let’s Talk is not for crisis services.
If you are in crisis, you may access to crisis counseling anytime Student Counseling Services is open by calling 515-294-5056. Our hours are Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00. You can also access a crisis text line by texting ISU to 741741 or you may call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-237-TALK (8255). If this is an emergency, please call 911.