Information for Parents/Faculty/Staff

Referring an Iowa State Student to Student Counseling Services

It is very helpful to speak to the student about whom you are concerned and encourage that person to call SCS to schedule an initial appointment. It is appropriate to offer the phone number or our website information. It may be helpful to be prepared to non-judgmentally describe for the student you are concerned about why you are concerned about them, that you care, and although you may not be able to “fix” what is happening you are committed to helping them get resources to improve their well-being.

Information for Friends and Family about Mental Health Matters

Consultation Services for Family and Friends of ISU Students

We are available for consultation when friends or family have questions or concerns about the well-being of an Iowa State student. We have on-call counselors during our business hours, Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm who are able to speak with you on the phone or meet in person if necessary.

We may always take information about a student, however, we are typically not able to release information without written consent from the individual. This means we cannot confirm or deny that a student has or is using our services without written permission from that student. At times, family or friends request that we reach out to an Iowa State student. Unfortunately, this is not a service that we can provide. However, we are very fortunate to have the staff of Student Assistance and Outreach Services (within Dean of Students) as a resource to reach out to students. Further, if you are ever concerned about the well-being of an Iowa State student, you may contact Iowa State University Police Department with your concerns. They may be able to conduct or faciliate a welfare check.

Iowa State University offers a Parent Advisory Line to field questions for parents and family of ISU students. They help connect the caller to resources that will aid the caller and the Iowa State student. To contact this line please call 800-772-8546 or contact them via email at