Do I need an appointment? If so, how do I make one?

You do not need an appointment. See how to get started.

How much will an appointment cost?

There is no charge for being seen at Student Counseling Services.

Location & Services

Where are you located?

Student Counseling Services is conveniently located on campus in the Student Services Building, 3rd Floor. Find us on the campus map!

What kind of care do you provide?

Student Counseling Serivces provides serveral counseling options as well as outreach opportunities and presentations. Learn more about our services.

After Hours & Emergency Care

Since you’re not open 24/7 what should I do in case of an emergency?

If you have an crisis situation, it’s always best to call 911.

SCS offers crisis assessment by walking in to the center during all business hours M-F.

Crisis services can also be reached by: Calling: 1-800-273-8255;  Texting: “ISU” to: 741741; going to a local ER or by calling 911.