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Helping Your Loved One Who Is Suicidal: A Guide for Family and Friends
My Mental Health: Do I Need Help?




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Annual Reports

Academic Year 2019-20


SCS YouTube Channel

Student Health and Wellness Unit Overview

Student Counseling Services (SCS) Overview

Student Government Tours SCS


Stress Management During Finals Week Part 1

Stress Management During Finals Week Part 2

Healthy Habits During COVID-19

Substance Use Support


Anxiety During Stressful Times

Being Stuck Together–In a Good Way

Life Hack: Going Home for Breaks

Unhooking from Unhelpful Thoughts: How to Live Your Values through ACT

SCS Skills Corner

The FACE COVID Strategy

Life Hack: Going Home for Breaks

A Discussion on Campus Resources and Coping with Special Guests

What is a Crisis

Physical Hunger or Emotional Hunger

Managing Intense Emotions

Self Soothing Through Your Senses

Daily Rhythm and Routines

Journey Toward Self and Body Love

Self Compassion

Breathing Techniques

Anticipatory Grief

Mindful Breathing at Lake Laverne

Cultivating Gratitude in Lagomarcino Courtyard

Getting Centered on Central Campus

Grief and Riding Emotional Waves

Substance Abuse Resources

Coping with Grief: Reminiscence

Mourning the Loss of Graduation

Imagery for Student Athletes

Domestic Violence Resources

A Community of Care in Action

Supporting Graduate Students in Distress

What is Racial Trauma

How to Support our Black Friends, Family and Peers

Support Others and Ourselves in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Campus Partnerships

Fireside Friday with Dr. Hanes – November 2019

Student Government Tour of SCS – November 2019

TAO Self Help Courses

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Managing Test Anxiety

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