Outreach Request Form

Students, faculty, and staff may request specific outreach presentations for their respective departments, organizations, and house. There are many different topics we can cover, including:

  • assisting students in distress
  • body image and disordered eating
  • career exploration and development
  • diversity dialogues and experiential activities
  • mind-body and biofeedback
  • performance enhancement or sports psychology 
  • relationships
  • stress management
  • transfer shock


After processing your request we will contact you regarding presentation dates and a presenter. Please keep in mind that at least 2-3 weeks advanced notice required to meet your needs. For requests that may involve more than one staff member please make your request at least 1 month in advance. Please keep in mind outreach presentations are usually offered during business hours (8AM-5 PM). In some situations we may be able to accommodate workshops after hours. Also, your submission of a request is no guarantee a presenter will be available and fewer outreach requests may be granted during periods of high demand for counseling services. 

Choose the topic for this presentation from the dropdown box below:
If you selected "other" for Topic of Presentation, please indicate your requested topic.

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