We can provide staff to present on several topics to your class, group or organization. Please review the topics below and fill out the presentation request form.

Body Image and Disordered Eating (Student Counseling Staff, 45-60 minutes) 
General presentation regarding body image and disordered eating and ways to support these concerns within a college community. Applicable for all students.
Creating a Community of Care in the Era of COVID-19 (Student Counseling Services Staff, 45-60 minutes)
This is a presentation that discusses a community approach to supporting a healthy university, a review of available resources on campus including Student Counseling Services, and teach ways to provide support to students in distress and connect them to resources. Applicable for all students.
Don’t Set Yourself on Fire to Keep Others Warm: Self Compassion and Mindfulness for Everyone (Student Counseling Staff, 45-60 minutes)
Understand the impact of burnout, learn strategies for coping with burnout, become aware of resources you can access for individual support and identify strategies for creating a culture of wellness and self-care in your life. Applicable for all students.
Everyone Has an Impact: Supporting Students After Traumatic Events (Student Counseling Staff, 45-60 minutes)
Presentation outlining psychology first aid and its implementation within a college community. This evidence informed approach provides specific steps on how to support each other after traumatic events. Applicable for all students.
Intro to 4-Step Career Exploration Process (Student Counseling Services, 45-60 minutes)
This outreach is aimed at exploration of self and the world of work. Students will get a description of the different areas utilized to understand self (interests, personality) and the world of work (exploring careers, job shadowing). Students will also briefly learn about the services we provide. Applicable for all students.
Mind-Body and Biofeedback (Student Counseling Staff, 45-60 minutes) 
This is a general  introduction to our mind-body and biofeedback services at Student Counseling Services. Participants will learn about these important resources, benefits of these skills, and ways to access them on campus. Applicable for all students. (Not Available on Fridays – Please request a date for Monday-Thursday)
Sports Psychology (Student Counseling Staff, 45-60 minutes)
This is a training provided by Student Counseling Services to discuss sports psychology interventions and approaches within a college counseling center environment. 45 minutes.  Applicable for all students.