Student Eligibility & Access

Eligibility for Services

  • Clinical services are offered to enrolled students of Iowa State. Clinical services are offered in group mode and individual mode.
  • Career counseling is offered to students and potential students.
  • Consultation services are offered to students, faculty, staff and parents.

Students who are under 18 years old may be requested to obtain the written permission of a parent or guardian to receive treatment. Such students may be seen for an assessment without written parental release.

SCS intends to be as helpful as possible to all members of the university community on behalf of students. If you have a question, call us and ask.

Cost of Services

Most professional services of the SCS are provided by the university at no charge to the student. When testing is recommended, there is a minimum fee designed to recuperate the cost of the test. This fee can be charged to the student’s U-bill if desired.

In order to encourage consistency of care to our clients and increase efficiency of the service to all, SCS will charge $25 for uncancelled missed appointments, which will be charged to your University Bill (U-bill).