Administrative Staff

Chris Hanes Director
Kristen Sievert Associate Director, Clinical Director
Christian Wimmer
Associate Director, Training Director
Ellisa Wenck
Clinical and Therapy Secretary
Miranda Davis Administrative Assistant











Fallyn Lee Community Engagement and Inclusion Coordinator
Deanna Sargent Communications & Marketing Manager











Clinical Staff

Barbara Cheatle
Sydney Dunn
Ashely Frieswyk
Marty Martinez
Shelly McQueeney
Shelly McQueeney
Jeffrey Nelson
Erin Pederson
Sue Reimers
Leticia Ribeiro
Michelle Roling
Sasha Ruane-Borges-Ho
Kate Van Pay
Chris Wilson
Lauren Wright

Trainees  (Psychology Doctoral Interns, Graduate Assistants, Practicum Counselors)

Nathan Barker
Madelyn Becker
Angelica Castro Bueno
Davelle Cheng
Soowhan Choi
Kent Crick
Lisa Dazzell
Kelsey Engel
Elise Frickey
Riley Harper
Brenna Klesel
Sierra Lauber
Tara Ohrt
Habib Salama
Caitlin Stumpner
Meredith Tittler
Avery Walker
Kayla Wang
Anna Wehde