The Body Project is a dissonance-based body-acceptance program designed to help high school girls and college-age women resist cultural pressures to conform to the appearance ideal standard of female beauty and reduce their pursuit of unrealistic bodies. The Body Project is supported by more research than any other body image program and has been found to reduce onset of eating disorders. The Body Project is a peer-led community that challenges unrealistic image expectations and promotes body acceptance activism by supporting one other.

Participating in The Body Project has been shown to reduce negative body image and reduce disordered eating behaviors in young women. The Body Project is run in small groups of women (typically between 6-12) by trained Peer Leaders. The time commitment for participating in The Body Project is 2 two-hour sessions spaced about one week apart. If you would like to sign up to participate in The Body Project please complete our "The Body Project Sign Up Form" or if you'd like to request The Body Project be brought to your sorority, student organization, residence hall, or other group please complete our "Request The Body Project Program" form.

In fall 2017 we will be conducting a new training for those interested in becoming Peer Leaders. Please check back in fall 2017 to complete the application and learn more about the requirements of Peer Leaders.

 Please direct all questions to Kathryn Wierda, Ph.D. at or 515-294-5056.