Frank "Marty" I. Martinez, Ph.D.


My theoretical orientation is one which takes an wholistic view of people within an experiential framework. I purpose to help the client express, experience, and understand more deeply their worldview and intrapersonal view; what they feel, mean, and what they "truly" mean. This orientation focuses on how an individual's conscious and unconscious drives, emotions, behavior, and values interplay to influence his/her issues and understanding (e.g., expectations, perceptions, thoughts, and hopes) of life. This focus assesses all factors which affect the client mentally, phenomenological, physically, and spiritually.


My supervisory style attempts to help you analyze the three components of therapy: the client, you the therapist, and the interaction. It assesses the verbal and nonverbal communications, feelings, and behaviors of the client from the perspectives of content and process. We will examine your perceptions, feelings, goals, strategies, techniques, reflections, and interpretations toward understanding the client, as well as you as therapist and individual.

I really did enjoy my internship year. Honestly! And I greatly enjoy working with you who are completing this part of your life's journey. Counseling struggling people continues to be a challenging and meaningful lifestyle for me as I ever increasingly understand the complexity of personal change and the tremendous need for our empathic counsel.